Pet Policies

HOTEL & RV PARK VILLA PÁTZCUARO reserves de right to admit pets based on management criteria and it policies. Comfort and tranquility of all guests are the priority.  The charge for a pet stay in your room is of $ 200.00 MX pesos per night. When you make your reservation, please let us know at the moment that you are traveling with your pet and it info. Only ONE pet is allowed per room.

  •  Max. weight, 30 pounds.
  • Your pet must have an updated vaccination card.
  • All pet must have their own bed and cage.
  • To leave ot enter Hotel facilities, WITH NO EXCEPTION yor pet must be kept on a leash or tie.
  • WITH NO EXCEPTION  all pets must be kept on a leash or tie which restricts them to the Hotel & RV site boundaries.
  • All pets must be ALWAYS under their owner’s supervision.
  • The pet is NOT allowed to climb and seat on the sofas or any furniture.
  • It’s no allowed, for no reason at all, to leave the pet alone in the hotel. In such case, the appropriate authorities will be called to take the pet out of the room.
  • Our staff will not access the room to clean it id the pet ownr is not present.
  • Do not bath your pet in the showers and do not use the towels of the hotel to dry it.
  • Pets are not allowed in the pool area or in other areas indicated by the management
  • The parking and some garden areas could be used to walk your pet, though you must carry ALWAYS a bag to pick up it feces.
  • It is the pet owner’s obligation to always carry a bag to pick up it feces.
  • The cost of any damage caused by your pet during the stay at the hotel will be charged.
  • The space and tranquility of the other guests has to be respected.
  • The pets’s owner has the obligation of keeping it in the right hygienic conditions.
  • At the moment of the check in you must sign this document accepting the conditions.
  • Please be a responsible owner with your pet.
We appreciate the attention to these rules and we hope you have a nice stay in our hotel. This rules Works in order to permit that all of us could share this space. If this are not followed properly, the management is free to suspend the service to the pet’s owner. RULES FOR PETS IN .pdf